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Sunday, January 29, 2017

love must be tough

Question: When Jesus was here, walking the earth, did he only preach things that made people feel good?
Did he only spend time with those he agreed with?
Did he only show compassion and love to those who believed the truth or who lived nice, clean lives? 
Did he only die for the ones who loved him? 
Did he just nod his head and smile when he heard someone speaking falsehoods or half truths?


Am I wrong, then, when I speak the truths no one wants to hear?
Am I wrong when I go against popular belief and speak what the Bible says instead?
Am I unloving because I disagree with you?
Do I not love you because I can’t support your choices and opinions that don’t line up with God’s word? 

And, anyways, what is love? 
God is love. 
Apart from him, there is no love to speak of. 

Apart from him we are all broken and lost and messed up. We are all sinners in need of a loving savior. We all have no hope apart from his grace.

Please know: if I don’t agree with you, that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. To love you means to speak truth into your life even when you don’t want to hear it. To love you means to hold you accountable to the person that God created you to be. To love you may mean to not support your decisions, if they go against God’s truth and prevent his best from entering your life. 

Love speaks light into the dark places, and truth into the tough ones. Love doesn’t always do what is easy or comfortable, sometimes love has to do the hard things, the messy things, the difficult things that bring us back to where we need to be.

This world has no idea what love is, really, because love cannot be known apart from our creator. He. Is. Love.

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