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Monday, November 28, 2016

read a little, grow a lot

Hi guys! I know I have been kind of absent from the blogosphere lately...well, really this entire year. WHERE has 2016 gone?! I feel like this has been the fastest year of my life! Between adjusting to being a family of 5, learning how to homeschool 2 instead of 1, and my husband constantly in and out for work...this year has been an absolute blur! I still keep writing 2015...guess I had better catch up, since 2017 is right around the corner!

A couple of you have asked what books and devotionals have helped me most in my personal walk with the Lord, so I put together a list for you! Reading and studying, praying, and talking with godly sisters who offer wisdom have been the key ingredients in helping me to grow and overcome the ugly in my past. I hope some of these suggestions will help you, too!

1) Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters- by Meg Meeker
This book highlights things that daughters need from their relationship with their fathers. It helped me to see what I should have gotten from mine, what I didn't get, and brought light to WHY I have the issues that I do. If you have daddy issues, read this book!

2) Power of a praying Wife- by Stormie Omartian
This book really helped my marriage to grow. There is something about praying for a person that changes and softens your heart. This book helped me to see my husband as a child who God loves, just like He loves me. And there is something so special about a wife's prayers for her husband.

3) Unglued- by Lysa Terkeurst
This book talks about emotions, and how not to be controlled by them. As women we are emotional creatures and that's ok...but when life gets tough what do we do? Are we held together by God's truth and promises? Or do we come unglued? A great read, Lysa has so much wisdom.

4) The Slight Edge- by Jeff Olson
This book talks a lot about success and what it takes to get there. Through reading this book I was able to see how important our little daily habits are, and why we should be mindful of them. I am going to have my kids read this book when they get older!

5) Fervent- by Priscilla Shirer
A book about prayer. Priscilla writes as though she is your best friend sitting with you sipping on a cup of coffee. Prayer is SUCH an important part of our spiritual walk. Don't shove it aside! This book highlights different areas in your life to cover in prayer in a simple yet effective & powerful way!

6) The Hole in our Gospel- by Richard Stearns
This book will challenge what you believe and value, which is good to do from time to time! Richard challenges the reader to take a good look at their walk with God and evaluate whether they are living out their faith...or just talking about it. LOVED this book!

7) Shepherding a Child's Heart- by Tedd Tripp
This book really held me accountable as a parent. Parenting is such a big and important job, I love reading what other christians have to say about things like discipline and growing children who love the Lord. I will probably read this book over and over!

Joining a women's Bible study group probably has helped me grow the most. Being able to talk it out,  to bring up things I don't understand or am struggling with...has really been an awesome thing! Also finding a pastor who gets you into the Word is vital!

Happy reading! And growing!

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