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Friday, July 1, 2016

July writing prompts!

Hi guys! I apologize for neglecting my blog lately. Life has been chaotic and my writing always seems to be the first thing to take the back seat. Maybe I should change that.

In other news, how is this year already more than half way over?! I can't believe it is July already! Summer is in full force around here and with my husband home for a couple of weeks, the kids and I are in celebration mode. We're ready for some family fun before Daddy heads off on another training trip! One thing the Navy has taught me, is how to truly cherish the time that we have together.

And now for your July writing prompts! These are just some journal starters to get you thinking! Take them and run with them!

*What is a favorite fourth of July memory or tradition?
*How did your childhood shape you?
*What do you need to let go of?
*I just can't __________
*Who did you call or text today?
* What recently happened that made you proud of yourself?
*Who is inspiring you right now?
*What are you most afraid of?
*What is the biggest thing you have going on?
*What do you love about where you live?
*List 5 things you love about America
*What do you wish there was less of in the world?
*What risks did you take this week?
*Did you play today?
*What was the last thing/person to make you laugh out loud?
*Right now I'm struggling with __________
*Who did you eat dinner with last night?
*How did you make a difference in your world today?
*How much money did you spend this week?
*What does freedom mean to you?
*The last gift I gave was ________
*What motivated you today?
*What has being a military spouse/having a friend in the military taught you?
*How did you serve someone today, beyond your spouse & kids?
*Did you do something nice for yourself this week?
*What are your first thoughts when you wake?
*What are you praying about right now?
*Make a bucket list for yourself
*Describe a perfect day
*What are you looking forward to?

Happy journaling!

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