Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Life by DESIGN

What does Life By Design MEAN?
My days aren’t all laying by the beach, it's not all play & no work around here. Most of my days are spent in my humble home helping others achieve the goals they have for themselves, whether in health or life/business. I get to wake up each day on my schedule (or my kids ha), in my comfy PJs, no make-up, able to decide to leave on a dime for a vacation or maybe just play in the yard with my kiddos at 11 AM.
Working with a backdrop of the California sunshine & toys littered across the floor
Working as many hours as I want based on my goals
Unplugging for my health (mentally/emotionally/spiritually)
Working on my own schedule
Not having to clock in/out or ask someone for time off
Working from home, using Beachbody Coaching as the vehicle to live out my passions.
Meeting my hubby when he gets home from work, any time of the day or night
Working from my phone on the go or anywhere {no borders}
Valuing my priorities most
Dropping anything/everything to be where I am needed or want to be most, like home on the couch with a sick kid
No alarm clocks
No longer living paycheck to paycheck
Being able to serve and give more
Making WORK fit around my life rather than my LIFE fitting around my work
I didn’t even know that life by design existed. DO you? I thought everyone went to college, got an okay job, climbed the ladder, worked for 30-40 years, retired AND THEN traveled and lived life by design (age 55-70ish). And since I was a college drop out with nothing to fall back on, I felt sort of stuck and without a way to DO the things that really matter to me!
Now this sounds depressing to me.
It wasn’t till I saw that I didn’t HAVE to live inside that box that I started to see the possibilities of life by design. When I started as a Beachbody Coach in early 2013, I was: a stay at home mama & military wife, depressed & overwhelmed, lonely, living without any sense of
purpose or drive, burnt out, financially strapped, going further into debt, etc…
Little by little on my coaching journey we were living life by design. It started with having money for a date night, paying down debt and saving, being able to travel & visit our family. For me the build up has been slow. I haven't seen success super quickly because, well, my life looks different than a lot of people's & my priorities are a little different.
But somehow I've managed to build and maintain my business through deployments, pregnancy, moves, babies who won't sleep, homeschooling, & a husband who works 80% of the time away from home.
The START of living life by design for me was making the decision to throw out my fear, anxiety and doubt to become a Beachbody Coach. Now I am not willing to go back. Life by design is MY NORMAL. My goal NOW is to help other women & families make that their normal too.
I have a brand new coach training starting Monday, February 15 where I will be your 1:1 mentor to get YOU set up on the right path to start your Beachbody Coaching journey. I will be accepting applications till Friday, February 13. To apply please email me & I will send you the application:
Really looking forward to getting to know you, your goals and vision for your future! Nothing fires me up more than someone finally believing in themselves and going after their goals!! 
We will do this together! 

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