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Monday, January 11, 2016

did you know?!

My mom is a nurse at a public school in Tennessee. She was telling me about a nurse practitioner who came and talked at their school recently about developing healthy habits. One of the things my mom told me that the nurse practitioner told them absolutely BROKE my heart!

 U.S. children are now projected to die BEFORE their parents.

Devastating. That is absolutely inexcusable. you want to know why?

 it's preventable.

Too many parents are taking the easy way out, sitting their children in front of a SCREEN when they should be OUTSIDE playing! Too many parents are taking the easy way out, feeding their children convenient "food," when they should be eating REAL food! It breaks my heart!! But it also motivates me even more. THIS is why I'm a health coach! This is why I work hard every single day promoting healthy habits. I want to see America turn this trend around! I want our kids to outlive us, like they're supposed to do! I want to see our children grow up into healthy, happy, active adults who have a zest for life! If we continue this way, none of that will happen. Our kids are going to grow into depressed, overweight, unhealthy, unmotivated individuals who are in no way living out their purposes. See the connection now? Do you see that it is about so much more than having a six pack or looking good in a bikini?! This is about peoples' LIVES, our KIDS' lives! MOMS, i'm talking to you! we have GOT to teach our kids how to be healthy NOW! No one else is going to do it for us! Will it be hard? YES! But will it totally be worth it? YES!!

 Start with small changes. Take out the soda and sugary drinks, replace them with flavored waters or almond milk. Take your family's favorite meals and see if you can find a way to make them HEALTHIER! Be mindful of what your kids are snacking on. Switch the potato chips and little debbie cakes for some crunchy veggies & hummus, or some fruit! This is possible! Let's join forces, moms, to build up a healthier generation!!
Who's with me?!

**if you wish to learn more about the CDC's findings on childhood obesity, go here --> http://www.makemedicinebetter.org/2011/10/us-children-are-now-projected-to-die-before-their-parents/

**If you need help with healthier recipes, workouts, or food tips feel free to email me! annamcafee@yahoo.com

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