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Friday, January 29, 2016

February Journal Prompts!

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed January's journal prompts! I'd love to hear any changes you made and how your progress is going!

Journaling every day is a BIG commitment, and I definitely miss days. But as long as I'm fairly consistent in my journaling, I'm happy. My journals are my story, that I will one day leave behind for my children. They will be able to read my thoughts, hopefully learn from my mistakes, and better know the woman that they called Mom.

I like to write the question or prompt at the top of each journaling page so that later as I (or my kids) flip through, I'll know what I was talking about.

Here are your February prompts! 29, since this is a leap year! Have FUN!

February Journal Prompts

What is your favorite piece of art that you own?
The most expensive bill I paid last month was _____
What is the last thing you apologized for?
My favorite color is _____
On a scale of 1-10, how is your health? What needs improving?
If you could do today over, would you change anything?
Describe your dream home
What did you buy today?
I wish I had _______
What is one thing you can improve in your marriage?
How many photos did you take today?
What books are you reading now?
What is your favorite room in your house?
How much sleep did you get last night?
What is something you're saving up for?
What mood were you in today?
What was the last new thing you tried?
My biggest hope is______
What has challenged your morals?
What kind of car are you driving?
What are 3 things you need to buy?
Today I feel really secure knowing _____
Whose life did you make a difference in today?
List 10 things you love about yourself: 5 physical and 5 emotional/personality/skill/etc
Describe your perfect Valentine's Day
What did you do for yourself today?
Write out 1 Corinthians 13. Which parts do you need to work on?
What is one thing you love about your life?
Make a list of 5 date ideas with your spouse

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Life by DESIGN

What does Life By Design MEAN?
My days aren’t all laying by the beach, it's not all play & no work around here. Most of my days are spent in my humble home helping others achieve the goals they have for themselves, whether in health or life/business. I get to wake up each day on my schedule (or my kids ha), in my comfy PJs, no make-up, able to decide to leave on a dime for a vacation or maybe just play in the yard with my kiddos at 11 AM.
Working with a backdrop of the California sunshine & toys littered across the floor
Working as many hours as I want based on my goals
Unplugging for my health (mentally/emotionally/spiritually)
Working on my own schedule
Not having to clock in/out or ask someone for time off
Working from home, using Beachbody Coaching as the vehicle to live out my passions.
Meeting my hubby when he gets home from work, any time of the day or night
Working from my phone on the go or anywhere {no borders}
Valuing my priorities most
Dropping anything/everything to be where I am needed or want to be most, like home on the couch with a sick kid
No alarm clocks
No longer living paycheck to paycheck
Being able to serve and give more
Making WORK fit around my life rather than my LIFE fitting around my work
I didn’t even know that life by design existed. DO you? I thought everyone went to college, got an okay job, climbed the ladder, worked for 30-40 years, retired AND THEN traveled and lived life by design (age 55-70ish). And since I was a college drop out with nothing to fall back on, I felt sort of stuck and without a way to DO the things that really matter to me!
Now this sounds depressing to me.
It wasn’t till I saw that I didn’t HAVE to live inside that box that I started to see the possibilities of life by design. When I started as a Beachbody Coach in early 2013, I was: a stay at home mama & military wife, depressed & overwhelmed, lonely, living without any sense of
purpose or drive, burnt out, financially strapped, going further into debt, etc…
Little by little on my coaching journey we were living life by design. It started with having money for a date night, paying down debt and saving, being able to travel & visit our family. For me the build up has been slow. I haven't seen success super quickly because, well, my life looks different than a lot of people's & my priorities are a little different.
But somehow I've managed to build and maintain my business through deployments, pregnancy, moves, babies who won't sleep, homeschooling, & a husband who works 80% of the time away from home.
The START of living life by design for me was making the decision to throw out my fear, anxiety and doubt to become a Beachbody Coach. Now I am not willing to go back. Life by design is MY NORMAL. My goal NOW is to help other women & families make that their normal too.
I have a brand new coach training starting Monday, February 15 where I will be your 1:1 mentor to get YOU set up on the right path to start your Beachbody Coaching journey. I will be accepting applications till Friday, February 13. To apply please email me & I will send you the application:
Really looking forward to getting to know you, your goals and vision for your future! Nothing fires me up more than someone finally believing in themselves and going after their goals!! 
We will do this together! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

did you know?!

My mom is a nurse at a public school in Tennessee. She was telling me about a nurse practitioner who came and talked at their school recently about developing healthy habits. One of the things my mom told me that the nurse practitioner told them absolutely BROKE my heart!

 U.S. children are now projected to die BEFORE their parents.

Devastating. That is absolutely inexcusable. you want to know why?

 it's preventable.

Too many parents are taking the easy way out, sitting their children in front of a SCREEN when they should be OUTSIDE playing! Too many parents are taking the easy way out, feeding their children convenient "food," when they should be eating REAL food! It breaks my heart!! But it also motivates me even more. THIS is why I'm a health coach! This is why I work hard every single day promoting healthy habits. I want to see America turn this trend around! I want our kids to outlive us, like they're supposed to do! I want to see our children grow up into healthy, happy, active adults who have a zest for life! If we continue this way, none of that will happen. Our kids are going to grow into depressed, overweight, unhealthy, unmotivated individuals who are in no way living out their purposes. See the connection now? Do you see that it is about so much more than having a six pack or looking good in a bikini?! This is about peoples' LIVES, our KIDS' lives! MOMS, i'm talking to you! we have GOT to teach our kids how to be healthy NOW! No one else is going to do it for us! Will it be hard? YES! But will it totally be worth it? YES!!

 Start with small changes. Take out the soda and sugary drinks, replace them with flavored waters or almond milk. Take your family's favorite meals and see if you can find a way to make them HEALTHIER! Be mindful of what your kids are snacking on. Switch the potato chips and little debbie cakes for some crunchy veggies & hummus, or some fruit! This is possible! Let's join forces, moms, to build up a healthier generation!!
Who's with me?!

**if you wish to learn more about the CDC's findings on childhood obesity, go here --> http://www.makemedicinebetter.org/2011/10/us-children-are-now-projected-to-die-before-their-parents/

**If you need help with healthier recipes, workouts, or food tips feel free to email me! annamcafee@yahoo.com

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

new year, new J-O-B!

I am mentoring BRAND NEW coaches who join my team!!

A little over two years ago I signed up as a Beachbody coach to get me a discount on AMAZING products like Shakeology and Insanity. 

I stayed as a discount coach for a WHILE! But I watched those around me. I watched my friends who were becoming WILDLY SUCCESSFUL and growing SPIRITUALLY at the same time!

And then I thought: WHY NOT ME?! Why couldn't I take this seriously and build a BUSINESS? So I decided to put my head down and get to work. A few months later I am earning $600+ a month, and working to get that number MUCH higher. I am HELPING PEOPLE! I am holding myself accountable to my health and fitness goals. I am dreaming BIG for the first time in my LIFE!!

You don't need to know all about this business and be your best self already, but you must be willing to get there!

If you...

- KNOW you were made for something greater!
- want to create FREEDOM for you and your family {or future family}
- want to live by DESIGN: be your own BOSS; work WHEN and WHERE you want; doing what you LOVE
- are COACHABLE and are willing to devote a year to making short-term sacrifices in order to enjoy long-term successes!

If you are reading this and you hear that little voice telling you to GO FOR IT... to INVEST in yourself... to DREAM BIG again! ... then I want to hear from YOU!

{{To be considered for this exclusive training please fill out this application: https://annabmac.wufoo.com/forms/join-freedom-dynasty/ }

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

21 day fix EXTREME: before photos

I have been easing back into working out postpartum.

Started with some walking...
which lead to dancing (with Cize)...
which lead to some running...
which has lead me here, to the 21 day fix EXTREME!

I started last week, at 5 weeks postpartum.

Loosely following the meal plan...
drinking my Shakeology EVERY SINGLE DAY...
and not skipping any workouts.

Here are my "before" pictures...

I can't wait to show you my afters ;) 

Find me on Facebook to follow my journey! www.facebook.com/freedomdynasty
Or instagram! @annabmac

Monday, January 4, 2016

January Journal Prompts!

So if you know me, you know that I LOVE to journal. I currently have

a personal journal
a prayer journal
a journal for each child (3)
a daily journal

This may seem ridiculous to some of you, but each journal has its own purpose for me. I enjoy recording my thoughts, it's such a great way to learn new things about yourself and to become aware of others. I feel like I've gone to therapy after a good journaling session. I know one day I'll pass these journals on to my kids, and hopefully they will enjoy reading through them and appreciate the time that I spent recording details about our lives. Hopefully they will read my words and pick up little lessons and insights along the way.

That said, each month I'll be posting a list of journal prompts for you guys! This is going to be a list of questions for each day of the month, questions to get you thinking and WRITING! They are meant to get you started on your journaling journey and to give you ideas! Some are personal to my life, so feel free to change certain ones that don't apply to you or your life.


Write our your budget. Where do you need to spend more? Less?
What is your #1 goal for the year?
What are you most grateful for?
Are you content?
What is your best memory of 2015?
 What was your last major accomplishment?
Can people change?
What possession can you not live without?
What are you excited for this year?
What are you reading?
What made you smile today?
What makes you mad?
What did you accomplish today?
The best part of today was...
How are those goals going?
What is the hardest thing you're dealing with?
Today I wish I had more______
How is the weather?
Tomorrow will be better because_______
What made today unusual?
What are some similarities between you and your kids? Differences?
How much did you spend at the grocery store last time you went?
Write out your goals.
Tomorrow I will______
What was your last big purchase?
My house is a home because________
Who was the last person to tell you they love you?
I feel blessed today because______
If you could go anywhere, where would it be?
What are you currently craving?
What are you doing for exercise?