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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Beachbody Contact Info

As your Team Beachbody Coach I am here to lead by example and help show you the tools to succeed on your health and fitness journey.  If you ever have a problem with a product please feel free to let me know and then we can resolve the issue with the Beachbody Contact Info below.  You can call Beachbody Customer Service or Beachbody Coach Relations at to have questions with orders resolved.  You can also get access to their help via email which is the process that I personally use.
 Beachbody Contact Info–
-Beachbody Customer Service  
            Phone 1 (800) 470-7870  Monday – Friday from 6 am – 6 pm  Pacific Time
-Beachbody Coach Relations
          Phone1 (800) 240-0913  Monday – Friday from 6 am – 6 pm  Pacific Time
Fax: 1 (213) 201-7225

Have an awesome day!

Monday, September 14, 2015

just be here with me: a guide to shutting off the social media chaos & living a life that is present and fulfilling

I love to see families having fun together. I love to see married couples, holding hands. It makes my heart smile.

In an era that is governed and dominated by social media and technology, these scenes are becoming more rare. Next time you go out to eat, you will most likely spot at least one table where the entire family is on a mobile device. Or you may see more couples out together, with one of them on the phone. Or mom may be so busy scrolling through her newsfeed that she's missing the chance to play and engage with her child. (guilty)

This breaks my heart.

I want us to remember how to talk to one another, out loud-- not via text with half of what we say consisting of emojis. We need to remember how to laugh together, how to look one another in the eyes. We need to remember how to be together-- how to be all there, engaged and attentive.

I know it's hard to sit down the phone. We seem to have been rewired with this need to be constantly connected, distracted, disengaged from real life. I've been there and I struggle, too. Here are a couple of simple ways that I am trying to cut the media mayhem out of my life and just be here with the people that I love:

Create a no-media zone. For me, this would be at the dinner table. No phones, tvs, or computers allowed! This is our time to connect at the end of the day. I like to ask the kids what was their favorite part of the day, what things they're thankful for, or a struggle that they experienced that day. It gives us a chance to bond and get to know one another.

When my husband and I are out on dates, I put my phone on vibrate and leave it stashed in my purse. I check it every hour or so to make sure I don't have any emergencies with the sitter, but other than that it stays put away. Date nights are rare and special for us, and so important to our marriage. I don't want either of us to spend that time on our phones.

In the evenings when the kids are in bed and I don't have work to do, my husband sit together and read, talk, or watch movies. This is a no-phone zone as well. I sit my phone completely away from me, in another room if possible, so that I'm not tempted to check it again and again.

Turn off notifications. I don't have instagram, twitter, or facebook notifications popping up on my phone all the time. I can only imagine how distracted I would be if I were notified of every single like, comment, share, or tweet every time I looked at my phone!

When I am speaking to my friends, I try to look them in the eye. Imagine how you'd feel if you were speaking and the person you were talking to was glancing at their phone, scrolling through text messages, or looking at pictures. Would you feel very valuable?

We don't have cable. And haven't missed it one bit.

Spend at least 30 minutes a day playing and engaging with your kids, phone free. When they speak to you, sit down your phone and look them in their eyes; if you're not able to at the moment, ask them to hold their thought until you can get to a good stopping point. This shows your kids that you value what they have to say, which will go a long way in building their self esteem and communication skills.

These things may take you a while to work at, but I promise that if you do the reward will be worth it. You'll go to sleep at night feeling satisfied, content, connected. Your relationships are worth a little effort ;)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

life post-deployment

The days and weeks after a spouse returns from a deployment can be filled with so many different emotions, many of them unexpected or unwelcome.

Justin has been home for barely over a week after a 6 month deployment, and my emotions have been all over the place. But this is our second deployment and homecoming, so I have learned a few things along the way that may be helpful to you.

It's super important to check your expectations before your spouse returns. A few things to keep in mind...

If your husband has never been overly romantic, or thoughtful, or affectionate then don't expect him to suddenly be just because he's been gone for a while. You can't expect him to leave and return a different man, that's not fair to him or to yourself. Be realistic. Don't set yourself up for failure before he even gets home.

You don't know what your spouse has seen or had to do. Assume nothing. Be prepared for him to need to talk, or to not want to. Know that there is probably a lot that you don't know. And if he needs help from a professional, help him find it.

If your spouse does need to talk, be prepared to listen. Set aside everything else and sit with him while he pours out whatever is on his mind and heart. Don't judge him for anything he says. Only offer feedback or advice when he asks for it.

Allow your spouse time to himself. Justin has been gone for 6 months, surrounded with the guys he works with 24/7. If he wants to take the harley out for a spin or spend a few hours in the gym, I should be more than willing to let him do so!

Don't expect life to fall back into the same old routine. Give it time. It may take a few weeks or even months for you two to figure out who does what. You've gotten used to being independent and planning things on your own. Allow your husband to lead again. Ask him before you make plans. Be patient with him and with yourself.

Your kids are going to be starving for their dad's attention. Don't deprive them of that. If bedtime gets pushed back later than usual, it's ok. If nap time gets skipped one day because dad wants to take them out, don't stress over it. Be happy that your kids love their dad and that he is excited to spend time with them. And hey, take advantage of the extra hands! Schedule yourself a pedi or take a walk by yourself!

Journal. It helps you figure your feelings out and gives you a safe place to vent. My journal has saved me from saying or doing some very foolish things.

Schedule time together. Get a sitter and go out on dates. Turn off your phones in the evening and spend time talking. Make each other a priority and reconnect whenever you have the chance to.

I hope some of these are helpful to you as you navigate the waters of your husband returning home after long absences. If you have any other tips to share or questions to ask, I'd love to hear them! Feel free to comment below! Most of all, smile and be thankful that your spouse is HOME! Take life one day at a time, accepting the good and the bad, and be content knowing that you will work through it all together.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September Fitness Accountability Group

September, I can't believe I'm saying this, is nearly half way over!
School either just started back or is about to for you moms, teachers or students. Back to the daily HUSTLE! Early mornings, home work, gymnastics, soccer practice, etc. You're going to be struggling with where you fall on the priority list 🏃📚
For the rest of you, the end of summer simply means you're buckling back into your routine from travel, vacation, BBQs and pool days. It's a time of transition- little more work, little less play. ⏰
Summer time is full of so many wonderful FUN things, but unfortunately several of those things include lots of less than healthy food, one too many mojitos, a little more fro-yo than we should have said yes to, beach or pool days instead of workouts, some unwelcome pounds or fluff and ultimately --> a loss of ROUTINE.
I know that getting into the swing of things can be tough. Motivation to find your rhythm doesn't just always just *happen.* It's nice to have some guidelines to know how to get started. To have a workout buddy (near or far) that will make you feel like you aren't alone. Some accountability to make sure your excuses don't get the best of you every day. Too bad that doesn't exist.. Or does it?!
ALL of those ^^reasons^^ are why the timing of my upcoming virtual accountability group is so perfect! Through September 15th, I'm allowing 4 new participants into my privately coached health and wellness group. Together, we're going to START FRESH in September!
For about $5 a day, you could complete an ENTIRE program and feel more confident in your routine & skin come October. Start this new season out right. Respect the limited time you have with QUICK at home workouts. Simplify your nutrition with a quick and easy dose of Shakeology. Cut out the daily grind of cooking and learn how to food prep.
Not all who apply will be selected. I'm looking to coach those who are MOTIVATED to work alongside me! To be fueled by your goals and meet me halfway for accountability with YOUR participation!
Apply here to be considered::
Drop your email below if you want some additional info.
If you have questions - I'm happy to answer them!
{Group is for non-coaches only -> if you already have a coach, please reach out to them!}