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Thursday, June 25, 2015

new 'office' hours!!

I've been contemplating for a while what I should do where my business is concerned.
I am in a weird season of life (which honestly always seems to be the case). I'm EXHAUSTED 24/7, my husband is deployed, physically and mentally I'm not 100%, and I'm out of my home and routine for the next few months. So I decided to reexamine my schedule and make it fit into my life better.
I mean, part of the perks of owning your own business are choosing your own hours and making THEM work for YOU. So that's what I'm doing smile emoticon
When I work, I want to be able to give it 100%. I want to be able to focus on my team, my Challengers, and my customers. I want to add value to their lives & help them grow as much as possible! This business is going to be in my life forever, and I know my seasons of life will constantly be changing--it won't always be this hard!
In an effort to find some balance, I'm moving to a 4 day work week. Wednesday-Saturday are the days that I will devote at least a few hours each day to my business.
What does this mean for you? I will still be posting, working out, and eating clean daily. If you're one of my Challengers or coaches, you will still hear from me daily as well. If you inquire about coaching, Challenge Groups, Shakeology, or any other Beachbody products, then you can expect to hear from me Wednesday-Saturday smile emoticon
Thanks for being so understanding! Excited to have you along on this journey with me!

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