Sunday, April 19, 2015

life these days

well, not a lot has been happening here. i'm still battling the first trimester yuck, so most of my time has been spent on the couch. i just feel yucky and so tired. i miss my normal routine of workouts and clean eating, but am trying to give myself grace! Brooklynn has enjoyed the extra snuggles...she is so affectionate!

we're ALMOST two months into this deployment, and i'm already over it. realizing how much time we have left (about 4ish months) makes it that much harder. these things STINK and seem to take forever...

i feel pretty strong mentally and emotionally, but missing my husband comes in waves...very strong waves. it happens when i pass a place that we went to on dates...when i'm laying by myself in bed...when one of the girls mentions him. last night when i was hovered over the toilet and had to hold back my own hair, i missed him then. it doesn't really ever get easier being apart. he is my home and without him i feel...homeless.

things business-wise are picking back up! i have a new challenge group starting up soon! and a sneak peak into Beachbody coaching, so that people interested can learn more about it, no strings attached. if you or someone you know are interested in either of these opportunities, email me ASAP! these spots go fast!

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