Wednesday, February 25, 2015

don't forget...take care of YOU!

I think the weeks and days leading up to a deployment are the worst.

My mind and heart are ready to say goodbye and get this thing rolling!

Before Justin leaves for long trips or deployments I always find myself subconsciously distancing from him. It's like my heart's way of protecting itself from the pain of saying goodbye. I can feel it happening, but I'm powerless to stop it, so communication is so important during this time.

Also, my body is being affected by all this stress. It's showing itself on my skin, and by weakening my immune system-- I just had a stomach virus...twice in less than a week.

I need some time soon to decompress. Relax. Take care of ME for once.

Which brings me to the topic of self care. So often as moms we feel guilty for doing things for ourselves. We feel like our time could be better spent serving our family or a friend rather than sitting still doing something we enjoy, like having a pedicure or a cup of coffee in silence. But we have to remember that if we're not caring for ourselves, then we can't effectively care for others. God created us to need rest and breaks. You are NOT a weak person or mom if you crave time alone or time to just get away!

You're human ;)

Allow yourself time to rest. Allow small daily moments where you can escape-- if not physically then at least mentally for a few minutes! It's good for you...and your family, too.

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