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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Beachbody coaching: we're just real people!

This post was encouraged by two things:

1) We are in the beginning of a new year. It is my absolute hope & desire that each & every one of you set out to do MORE, achieve MORE, dream of MORE than you did last year! I hope all of you work harder so that you can play harder. I hope all of you are filled with HOPE for the future that lies before you! 

2) The GROWTH that my team is seeing this year {and it's only February!!}. I want YOU on this train with us! This journey to the top is hard work, yes, but oh my-- the pay off is SO worth it!!

So with that in mind, I really want to share this income potential with you! This is something that truly anyone can do. I am telling you, the top 2% in this company are REAL people who have been through some serious struggles! Things like bankruptcy, homelessness, eating disorders, addictions, death, struggles with their own health.

We're just real people here.

So when you read this, I hope you remember who is behind these words. Think of me in my jean shorts and tee shirt, hair up in a bun, no make up on... overcomer of depression, someone who used to hate her body but has come to love and appreciate it, the mom who now has a sense of purpose. And know that YOU TOO can do this. You too can reach for those dreams that you thought had died.

But you have to set those goals.
You have to decide what you want, and reach for it.
Daily. Not giving up. Not quitting when it gets hard.
Believe in YOU!

And lastly... while the income potential here is HUGE, that's not what really matters here... it's what we're doing with it that is changing this world, one life at a time!

If you want to join my next Sneak Peek group, email me by TOMORROW!


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