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Thursday, February 5, 2015

5 valentine's day gift ideas for your guy

Is it just me, or are men REALLY hard to buy for?!? I never know what to get my guy... to be honest we've just about done away with gifting in our relationship, and instead take each other out on a fun date. Something we both can enjoy!

But I wanted to put together a small list of gift ideas for your guy in case you're like me and just have no idea.

1. Schedule him a  massage.

My guy would probably put this at the top of his wish list. And massages are relaxing, so why not enjoy your calm, peaceful dude after he's had all his kinks rubbed out?

2. An activity book for couples.

Like this one. Looks so fun, and is something you both could enjoy!

3. A love booklet.

I made one of these for Justin once, and he really liked it! You can find directions here.
4. Photo album.

Make a nice photo album with pictures only of the two of you! Cheap, sweet, and something he can look at over & over.

5. Wine glasses.

I know, wine glasses?! But these are really cool! If your guy is into the vino, this gift is practical! We like practical, right? That means it won't get stuffed into the back of a closet and forgotten about...he'll actually use it, and that's a good thing!

And that's all I got! I'd love to hear your ideas! Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo!

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