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Saturday, January 17, 2015

part one: unity & a sign

I might have to turn this into two blog posts. I'm just going to start writing & see what happens...

First let me say that in life you go through so many very different seasons. For a while recently I have been in a season where I felt free to serve. I got more involved at church, I spent more time with friends. It was all so wonderful. And then over the last month or so I felt things start to shift. Nothing major happened. I just felt it in my heart, and in small things that began to happen around me.

So I prayed. I haven't been exactly sure where God wants me or what He has for me. I just prayed, and trusted that God had a plan.

Then a couple of days ago we started an awesome study in our women's Bible study at church, a study of Thessalonians with Beth Moore. {she's amazing}. She made a comment that stuck in my spirit. She talked about how God breaks things, relationships, ministries, etc., apart sometimes so that you will move where He wants you to be. I liked that, because it seemed to be what was happening in my life.

That evening I received a phone call from the property manager of our apartment complex. "Well, I have bad news..." Uh oh...

He notified me that we have 60 days to move out of our apartment because it is being put up for sale by the owner. I definitely felt shocked, but surprisingly calm. When things like this happen to me I laugh, I think to keep from crying. Justin wasn't home so when he called I gave him the lowdown. Why, oh WHY, do these things only happen when he is away?!

Then everything started to sink in. I became overwhelmed with the task before me: trying to lead MOPs effectively, build my business, homeschool my children, cram in as much time with my husband as possible before he deploys, plan for our road trip in March...and move. I didn't see that one coming!

So I woke at 3 in the morning in a slight panic, searched for apartments, made lists, drove myself crazy... and then I stopped. I laid down, and I prayed. I prayed that Justin and I would experience unity in this decision. I prayed that God would provide me with a big, obvious sign of what to do-- almost like a slap across the head: a God smack ;)

That morning (yesterday) I took the girls to the library. We all needed fresh air & I needed a distraction. I was also hoping to see a friendly face, anyone to talk this out with! I was so happy to see my friend Kristina and her sweet son. He kept Brooklynn distracted while I chatted with my friend. You know how sometimes it just helps so much to be able to talk things through with a sister in Christ? That's what I needed. Kristina helped me formulate a plan. I would pack up, sell the car, move out, go on our planned road trip, enjoy a week or two with Justin, then head to Tennessee. To me it seemed logical. I knew I couldn't make a final decision, though, until I talked with Justin, so I planned to share my plan with him when he came home then listen to what he had to say. One of my biggest desires was for unity.

God provided another friend at the library that morning, Ashlee. The three of us talked for a bit. I told Ashlee about what happened and shared my plan with her. We were chatting when my phone buzzed, a text message from Justin. When I read it I cried.

"So I've thought about it and I think the best choice would be for you and the girls to go to Tennessee for deployment and we can save all that money & start looking for another place when I'm almost home. That's just my opinion."

My big God smack. The unity I had prayed for. We were completely on the same page.

Thank you, Jesus!

I am blown away by how much God cares about my heart's desires, by how He works through all the little details. His love for me is so precious! I feel so thankful!

So we have our plan. We are working on the logistics, but I am confident God will completely put everything into place. I'm learning to trust Him while He totally remixes my life :)

**to be continued**

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