Saturday, January 24, 2015

my life is...different

I went out to lunch today with some of my sweet friends. These are ladies who I love and trust, ladies whose company I sincerely enjoy. Most of them are military wives, but as we were talking I had a sudden realization of just how different my life is.

I always take that for granted, because so many of my friends here are military, and so I just assume that their lives are like mine. That their husbands, too, are gone a lot. But I know this is mistaken thinking on my part. My husband's job is different. Not better, not special, just different. Because of that, our lives are set apart even from most other military families.

My sweet friends were talking about what their husbands usually do for their birthdays and anniversaries, and it occurred to me: I have no idea what Justin usually does for birthdays and anniversaries because he's never here for those. This upcoming year he will miss our anniversary; it won't be the first time. We've been married almost seven years and have celebrated maybe 3 anniversaries together.

And birthdays, well, he's usually gone for those, too. He'll miss Brooklynn's birthday this year, and possibly Avery's. It's just the way of our life.

I left lunch and walked home feeling a little melancholy. Even now I feel a little sad. Maybe just lonely? It's a hard thing when no one around you really understands the details of your lifestyle. My husband doesn't even truly understand what my side of all this is like.

But alas, it's the plate God has laid before me, and so we do the best we can! I am thankful for friends who pray for me and talk with me, even if they can't really understand. I am thankful for a husband who does sweet little things when he is home. I am thankful for a Father who sustains me when I'm alone. I am thankful that He knows my heart, He understand, and He helps me through. I am thankful that He totally gets it.

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