Monday, January 19, 2015

challenge groups: why I LOVE THEM!

Happy Monday! 

I started a new Challenge Group today with a couple of ladies who are motivated to get healthier & feel better!!

I LOVE Challenge Groups! I love hearing people tell me things like:
"I feel so much better and more confident!"
"I can walk up and down the stairs now without losing my breath!"
"I was able to fit into my 'skinny jeans' again!"
"I now weigh LESS than I did in college!"
"I have SO much more energy!"

It blesses my heart to know that I'm helping others become better versions of themselves! heart emoticon

I mean, weren't we made for MORE? Weren't we made to INSPIRE others? To LOVE our bodies and the way they work? To FEEL good? To be MOTIVATED, ENERGETIC, PASSIONATE, and CREATIVE?!

Working out makes me such a better person, wife, mother, friend! I just want to PAY IT FORWARD! I am committed to helping at least 50 women get healthier this year, and I'm not stopping till I get there!

If you feel like you're ready to make some healthy changes, would you message me? Invite a friend or your spouse to join you! Next Challenge Group starts February 2 and I want YOU in it! My next group starts February 2! If you are interested in joining me, click here!

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