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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014: a year in review

I was just looking back at pictures from last year and became overwhelmed.

I am so blessed.

My life was busy, crazy, hectic...but it was ALL things that I LOVE! MOPs {Moms of Preschoolers}, homeschooling, parenting, Beachbody, traveling... Not many people can say that their year was just jam PACKED with things, people, responsibilities, commitments that they are PASSIONATE about!

I LOVE my {Beachbody} job.
I LOVE my MOPs team & mamas!
I LOVE homeschooling & being home with my kids.
I LOVE all of the people God has brought into my life!

Has this year held challenges? YES! My husband is gone about 80% of the time due to his career in the Navy. I am solo parenting much of the time. I get tired, frustrated, annoyed, and just burnt out! But that is all just a flash in the pan compared to the richness and the joy that I feel.

I am where God wants me to be. I am doing exactly everything that He wants me to do. Not perfectly, mind you. But I am doing my very best and seeking His wisdom and guidance when I feel lost.

I have no idea how 2015 could possibly be any better than last year, but I know God has a lot in store for us. Hard times? Yes. My husband deploys in the spring. The kids will continue to test me. Everything will NOT go according to plan.

But that's ok! Challenges bring growth! Change brings excitement. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Thank you, Jesus, for a fresh new year!

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