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Sunday, November 9, 2014

be you, bravely

be you bravely.

our MOPs theme this year, a theme that I am absolutely in love with.

God has been teaching me a lot about bravery over the last 4 1/2 years (the time my husband has been in the military). He has shown me that bravery can look very different. sometimes bravery is a move across the country to an apartment you've never seen before, leaving behind your family and all that is familiar. sometimes bravery is having a bad day with your children and resolving to have a better one tomorrow. sometimes bravery is making it through an entire day without crying. sometimes bravery is getting out of bed when your heart is so sad and heavy that you can feel the weight of it. sometimes bravery is saying goodbye to your husband, knowing you won't be able to see him for six months and hoping that he will return home safely to you. sometimes bravery is breaking apart and trusting God to put you back together again.

yes, bravery can look different for us all, depending on the situation, the person, the emotions involved. bravery can be a loud voice full of resolve or a gentle whisper, saying "I will try again."

it doesn't have to look the same for all of us. it changes day to day. but we are all brave. if you are a mother, you are brave.

you sacrificed your body for nine months, not knowing what exactly would happen to it. you have often sacrificed sleep, your sanity, and sometimes your dignity. you bravely stepped into motherhood, not prepared for what you would face but ready nonetheless. you fight daily battles with your two-year-old that take bravery. you sit up at night nursing your baby, that takes bravery. you decide to homeschool, that takes bravery. you send your kids to their first day of kindergarten, that takes bravery. you teach your kids, pour into them, train them, preach at them, scold them, punish them, love them. it all takes bravery.

vulnerability takes bravery.

mama, you are brave. in your weariness, in your hard moments, you are so brave. I am proud to be on this mothering journey with you. proud to be showing the world that bravery can look many different ways. proud to be displaying bravery to my daughters, in the form of tears, prayers, firm resolve. thank you, Jesus, for helping me to be brave and to do hard things. thank you for your grace!

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