Sunday, September 28, 2014

reasons why i'm thankful for the hardships of military living

justin left again today. in and out, in and out. it makes my head spin. the constant coming and going, readjusting our routine, it's exhausting. and stressful. and dizzying. and i kind of hate it. not to mention the kids ONLY get sick when dad is gone. and what do you know, tonight my youngest has a fever. go figure! the day justin leaves is always the hardest on me. i've been kind of mopey today. it's often a lonely life. but ya know's not all bad. i've been trying to think about what i'm THANKFUL for in all this, and that is what i'm going to share with you now! 1) the good think about work ups and the stress that comes along with it, is that it forces you to be ready for deployment. by the time we're done with work ups i'll just be ready to get this thing over with! 2) i get to see what i'm made of. i get to rely on God in a way that i never would have to would we be living a "normal" civilian life. i get to know him in a different, deeper way. he has become my best friend, sometimes my only friend. there's a trust that i feel towards him knowing that yes my husband will leave me...i probably will never live near my family again...and my friends are always coming and going...but God will never leave me. never. i am never truly alone. 3) you know what else? i get to solo parent for weeks and months at a time. it's hard and i definitely would prefer my husband were here with me BUT it is so rewarding! knowing that i am capable of raising these kids with minimum help. it's an adventure. it's not for the faint of heart. 4) i am able to show my kids how to carry on even when you're sad. i'm able to teach them to rely on God for their strength when they feel they have none. i'm able to show them that it's ok to cry for a while, as long as you get up and keep on going! 5) while justin is gone, i get to pursue my own interests. during these training trips i have spent a lot of time working on my novel, something that i definitely don't have time for when he is home. i miss him, but i enjoy this time to myself, too. 6) i get to watch as many chick flicks as i want! during one of his week long trips i watched a different romance film every single night. it was fantastic. 7) i know that my husband is gone because he has to be, not because he wants to be. there is a huge difference and i'm thankful for that. 8) when justin is gone, i can go a week without washing dishes or doing laundry and nobody cares. we can also have cereal or pb&j for dinner and that's pretty awesome. 9) while justin is deployed i always go spend a few months with my family. i am definitely missing him the whole time, but the visits with my family are really so priceless and precious. i'm thankful to be able to spend the quality time with them! 10) when your husband is gone and you don't live near any of your family, you have to get plugged in and find good friends. you just have to. i am thankful to have the opportunity to rely on my Navy sisters and my sisters in faith. they have prayed with me, for me, over me. they have brought me food, watched my kids, helped me move. i'm certain i'll never experience friendships like this ever again. such a gift. so, you see, it's not all bad. when you can find the positive in negative situations, you know you're growing stronger. i have definitely grown stronger the last four years of this life! praise God!

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