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Thursday, September 4, 2014

grief, joy, victory

death is such a strange thing. you don't have to be incredibly close to someone or know them for a long time in order for their death to affect you.

we lost some one dear to us this week. a sister in Christ who the girls and i had come to love. i watched her live her life in pain every single day, always a smile on her face. to me she is the picture of grace.

 i was talking with Avery, almost 6 years old, about our dear friend's passing. i shared with her how our time here on earth is so short and then we get to go to heaven if we know Jesus. she looked at me and said, "it's almost like we are just visiting here for a while. and then God comes to take us home."

wow. did i mention she is 5 years old?!

the wisdom of babes.

the night i heard the news i went over to pray with some of my sisters from church. it was so sweet as we prayed for her sweet husband, for our church, and thanked God for allowing us to know Nancy.  we told stories of her and honored her memory with laughter and praise. i felt God's presence. even in the midst of grief i felt his presence.

my dear friend's death has reminded me that life is indeed short. make time for those you love and be sure they know how much they mean to you. i am also reminded that God is good. even in hard times, even in pain, he is still good. God is and will always be good.

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