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Friday, May 9, 2014

you know you're a military spouse if...

military spouse appreciation day!!! (we deserve a whole lot more than just one day, though, if you ask me ;) ).

i have been blessed to know so many incredibly strong and amazing women thanks to the navy. these women, including myself, have made so many sacrifices. i don't know how anyone does this without the help of God.

i put together a short list exposing some of the difficult things we go through...

you know you're a military spouse IF...

*you sometimes forget what it's like to live with your husband

*you often find yourself playing the role of mom AND dad

*you have a whole new appreciation for the fourth of july, memorial day, and veteran's day

*the american flag or anything camouflage bring tears to your eyes

*your heart is filled with unspeakable pride

*you sleep on the couch for weeks or months at a time because the bed feels too big and empty (true story; the entire deployment)

*the day your husband leaves for a trip, everything you look at makes you cry because it reminds you of him

*you have ever felt grief, pain, depression, sadness, worry, and loneliness

*you are filled with a sense of accomplishment and pride because all you've gone through

*you get a knot in your throat when the gear gets pulled out and your husband starts packing for ANOTHER trip

*you've spent countless birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays missing your other half

*you've felt slightly resentful and bitter when you saw families together while your man was gone serving our nation

*you barely have any space in your closet because of all the GEAR!

*your husband has more pairs of boots than all of your shoes put together

*you daydream about homecomings, planning what you will wear and how you'll fix your hair, and fantasize about that first kiss

*you have deeper friendships than you've ever had in your life because they've been there too and they totally get it

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