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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I promise; words for our daughters

from the moment I gave birth to Avery, I began to see the world in a new light. it suddenly seemed harsher, more dangerous, very sex-driven. I take parenting very seriously, and assume the responsibility for my two girls and their upbringing (shared with Justin, of course). I want more for them than what our culture can offer. I want them to be better than I was, better than most of their peers will be. I want so much for them. and so I am taking an oath and making a promise, which you will read below. I encourage all of you to do something similar. protect your childrens' innocence with everything that is in you. be vigilant, be perseverant, be loving, but be firm.

to my girls:

I promise to love you, no matter what you do
I promise to protect your innocence to the best of my ability
I promise to pray with you, in front of you, for you
I promise to teach you about the living God who created you
I promise to guide you and respect you
I promise to have rules, lots of them that you will hate
I promise to never have magazines with rail thin actresses on the cover, or models baring all in lacy lingerie
I promise to never have cable tv
I promise to be very careful about what music you listen to, movies you watch, and books you read
I promise to spend quality time with you
I promise to never push you out of childhood
I promise to never allow you to wear shorts that are too short or tops that are too low
I promise to never let you wear navel-baring shirts or bikinis that are too tiny
I promise to be careful about what friends you spend time with
I promise to ask you questions, lots of them, and to listen to your answers
I promise to never give up on you
I promise to instill in you humility, a servant's heart, and a love for others
I promise to encourage and help you to wait until marriage to give your heart or your body to another
I promise to pray for your future husband, marriage, and children
I promise to pray for God's call on your life, and to help you to realize what it is
I promise to say no sometimes
I promise to love your father and show you what a Christ-centered marriage looks like
I promise to ask for your opinion on big decisions
I promise, Avery and Brooklynn, that you will not always like me but that it's ok. Because I promise I will do everything in my power to protect you, to nurture you, and to raise you into incredible women of God.

I promise.

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