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Saturday, April 19, 2014

easter reflections

as I've become a mother and gotten older, Easter has held so much more meaning for me. so often my eyes fill with tears and I think of Mary and the terrific pain and sheer terror she must have felt as she watched her baby boy suffer such terrible mistreatment. her precious son, who had never done wrong. the man who she bore into this world. I wonder what she felt in that moment. guilt? fear? blame?

I think of his followers and friends, the ones who were closest to him on earth. what must they have been thinking? that the world was coming to an end?

I think of Jesus himself. I wonder what his thoughts were. this is where the tears really start to fall. he loves me enough to endure such pain willingly. what?!? my mind can't comprehend a love that deep.

I think of God, sending his son for me. I could never have asked my child to endure such a thing. I'm sorry, but if your salvation depended on it, I don't think I would have been strong enough to make that choice. it's her over you, buddy.

I wish I could live those couple of days in history. I wish I could be there watching him carry that cross on his battered and burden-laden shoulders. I wish I could have seen the earth shake and the skies grow dark. I wish I could have seen the stone roll away and watch the guards freeze with fright. I wish I could have seen Christ, my Savior, walking out of that tomb. how amazing!

death has been defeated!! if you're not a christian, you will have no idea what that means or how exciting it is! it's utterly amazing and mind blowing! when my human body ceases to draw breath, I will wake up in the arms of my Lord and be able to stay there with him forever. hallelujah! he is risen!!!

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