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Thursday, April 10, 2014

4 years in...

we have been on this wild navy journey for over 4 years. wow. that seems a little crazy to me. in a way it has passed so quickly; in another way, those first days suffering through bootcamp seem like a lifetime ago!

the growth we've experienced along the way, my goodness!! justin and i have grown leaps and bounds, individually and in our marriage. praise God i'm not the person i was in the beginning of all this: insecure; selfish; depressed; unhealthy; lost. i still struggle with some of those things, but they do not define who i am.

i now have a sense of purpose; i am healthy, and helping others to be as well; i am at peace; i'm happy.

we've made some really incredible friends the last four years, too. friends that are now spread around the world. friends that we will undoubtedly have forever.

our family has grown over the last four years. we are now a family of four instead of three. i've grown and matured so much as a mom.

as i look back at it all, i'm just so thankful. so thankful for how far we have come, so thankful for the growth! praise God!

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