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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


tonight i looked in the mirror
and was happy with what i saw

i saw a face with no make up
staring back at me

i saw big brown eyes seeking to find
the best in those around her
eyes that have gazed on a husband and daughters
eyes that have witnessed God's splendor

i saw freckles splashed across her nose
they darken with the sun
the fact that i can see them so well
says she's had lots of fun in the sun

then i saw two pink lips
lips that have turned up in a smile
lips that have kissed, that have frowned
lips that have quivered with excitement and sadness alike

i then saw two cheeks, rosy and flushed
from looking after two little ones
cheeks that blush when given attention
cheeks perfect for little kisses

when i looked in the mirror i saw hair,
needing to be washed, pulled back in a braid
hair that her love has run his hands through
hair that's been pulled by her babies

when i looked in the mirror i saw a person
a wife, a mother, a child
i saw a friend and a lover
a child of the most high

and i smiled

my father does not define me
by my appearance, and so why should i?
i am so much more than my face or my hair
i am more than what meets the eye

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