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Thursday, September 26, 2013

kids and messes

my house is such a mess
toys on the floor
food on the floor
who knows what is on the floor
nothing is in its place
including my hair
my shirt is covered in snot
and who knows what else
i've been sleep deprived for years
bloodshot eyes, sweaty brow
i traded heels for tennis shoes
fancy dresses for yoga pants
my social calendar is made up of
play dates and homeschool events
my shelves are cluttered
with crayons, board books, and games

gone are the days of going out
gone are the days of sleeping in
gone are the days of selfishness
gone are the days of reading just for fun
gone are the days of shopping
for anything other than diapers and food

gone are the days of emptiness

and i wouldn't trade it
i wouldn't change a thing

who needs makeup when you have
a face adorned with little kisses?
who needs jewels
with chubby arms around your neck?
who needs expensive artwork
when water colors and crayon scribbles
are priceless?

i often stop to wonder
what my home will be like
when everything is in its place
when there are no toys to pick up
off the floor
when there are no smudgy little
fingerprints on my windowpanes
when the childish laughter and crying
is replaced with silence
when i have no tiny people
who are always underfoot
when no one is begging me to play
or asking me for things
or needing me
what will that be like?

i think it will be rather nice
and i'll probably enjoy it
but i'm sure a part of me
will always be wishing it all back
the sleepless nights and early mornings
with snuggles on the couch
the alarm clock that cries and says
"mom! i want out!"
i'm sure i'll miss the mess,
the noise, the busyness
i am sure that i will miss it
and so i had better enjoy it now

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