Wednesday, August 21, 2013

deployment; 12 weeks down

i'm just having one of those days. one of those days where i just feel blue. one of those days where nothing goes exactly the way i planned it in my head. one of those days where i'm tired, and worn out, and sick of it all. one of those days...

i've been struggling ever since i got back from my mom's almost three weeks ago. i thought it would get better; i thought i would be stronger than this. i'm disappointed in myself.

i am trying. i'm trying to maintain patience with my kids. i'm trying to be sweet and gentle and to enjoy them. every day i pray that god will help me to enjoy them, to enjoy this season of life because i know it will pass so quickly.

but how can you enjoy a season of life where you feel incomplete? where the other half of you is around the globe? i don't have the answer. i feel like i'm trying...and failing. every single day.

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