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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

deployment: 10 weeks down; life on the home front

well, in a few weeks we'll be at the half way point. the closer we get, the further away homecoming feels for us. i am just getting sick of it all. impatient. frustrated. weary, physically & emotionally & spiritually. i knew i would get to a point where i was sick of the waiting...

and the closer we get, the more i miss justin. i miss him more now than ever.

we're trying to get settled back into our routine. a lot of our activities are still on summer break for a few more weeks, so things are quieter than usual. this is both good and bad. good, because i don't usually like to be busy all the time; bad, because i want to be busy right now. when i stay home all day, those tend to be the most depressing days.

i haven't had much motivation to do anything the last few days. i've been taking a break from workouts and meal prepping. i just need a break once in a while, and that's ok. i used to be so paranoid that if i quit working out even for one or two days then i'd get fat right away. irrational, i know. i no longer suffer from that anxiety, so i enjoy my time off a lot more ;) in a day or two training for marathon #2 will resume full force. i can't tell if i'm excited or nervous about that yet...

i've been getting things together & organized a little at a time for homeschooling. i can't believe my avery will be in kindergarten this year! it's ridiculous, really! i feel like from this point on, her childhood is going to fly by at warp speed. sad.

brooklynn is busy. oh my, is that child ever keeping me on my toes!! i forgot how crazy busy this age is, she's been driving me nuts! she's into EVERYTHING and i can't look away from her for two seconds...literally. but she's pretty stinkin' cute, and that helps :)

that's about all that's been happening on the home front. i am trying to get as much out of life as possible, considering our current circumstances. trying to grow through the trying times. trying to be the rock that justin and the girls are counting on me to be. thankfully, i don't have to do it on my own..

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