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Sunday, August 18, 2013

bountiful beginnings

just thought i'd share a few pictures from our first week of kindergarten :)

                           this wild child usually just wanders around & entertains herself during school hours

                                  we listed things/people we're thankful for
                                            and wrote out our bible verse for the week
                                         we had some outside fun playing hopscotch!

                                           B enjoyed the wagon ride :)

                                            practicing on her bike!

                                               ready for some baking soda & vinegar EXPLOSIONS! :)

                                                                so cool!!

                                time for sensory play with food colored noodles! slimy & squishy!

                            it definitely helps to be flexible when homeschooling with a younger child in the home. always have a plan B, and don't feel bad when you have to use it :)

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