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Thursday, July 25, 2013


one of my favorite places to be is outside. free. wild. happy. with no walls to trap me in, no roof to block the sky from my view. i have felt closer to god outside than i have anywhere else. i believe that he created this world for us to enjoy. and so i wrote a poem about it :)

i love to sit under the shade of a big tree.
i love the way the breeze ruffles my hair.
 i love the smell of the salty sea air,
the sound of the waves greeting the shore.
i love the smell of flowers
blooming in springtime.
i love to hear birds cheerily chirp.
i love to bask in the warm, bright sun.
i love the way i look up at the stars
and am reminded of your power.
i love to feel the earth underneath
my bare feet; the sand between my toes.
i am so thankful for the foods you created for us to eat.
and for the grains of sand so vast that nobody knows.
i love to watch the fresh, white snow
fall; so quiet and peaceful.
i love the towering, green mountains
so inviting and yet so powerful.
i love to be alone outside at night
and feel the wind on my face.
i pretend you're brushing me with kisses
and reaching out to touch my face.
i love the way the rain sounds on my roof.
and watching it splash and drip.
i love having places to run and to walk,
to swim, dance, play, and skip.

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