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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

deployment: 7 weeks down

as i sit here missing you
tears splashing down my face
i can't believe i'm here, you're there
and all the tears i've shed
since the day that you first left
you've stayed inside my head

thoughts of you consume my day
and sometimes overwhelm me
i never knew i'd miss someone so much
that i could feel it physically

things have been going well
but i feel i've hit a wall
will this deployment never end?
i feel as though it won't
i'm already growing impatient
and restless for  your return

i'm jealous of where you are
because you should be here
with me
by my side
always and forever

i know i'm blessed to know a love
like the love i have with you
i should be thankful knowing that
you feel the same way too

but i can't help but wonder
why god chose this path for us
and yet here i am, there you are
around the globe from me
what good will come of all of this
that, i cannot see

but i know that it will come
and you'll return back to me
and you'll no longer have to leave
one day...maybe

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