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Saturday, June 22, 2013

i appreciate you

why does it take the absence of things
to make you appreciate them most?

why does it taking missing someone
to remind you how you love them?

i miss you.

i miss your help with the girls,
bathing, feeding, playing.
i miss you combing avery's curls.
i miss your face in the morning.

i miss the way you walk in the room
snuggled in your white robe
rubbing sleep out of your eyes
and asking me for coffee.

i miss you sitting beside me
at night on our big couch
searching for a movie
that you want to watch.

i miss reaching over
when we're in bed at night
and feeling you beside me,
makes everything alright.

i miss waiting for you
to come home each day
and giving you a kiss
and hearing you say

"i'm home! how are my girls?"
you are so very sweet.
i miss your stuff laying in the floor
i even miss your stinky feet.

i miss hearing your motorcycle
and feeling my heart flip
because i know my husband
is home to give me a kiss.

i miss you killing all the bugs
and taking out the trash.
i miss you helping clean
the kitchen after dinner.

i miss folding your laundry.
i miss your toothbrush by the sink.
i miss your jokes, i miss your music.
i miss watching action flicks...i think.

i miss snuggling up to you,
i miss the way you smell.
now when something exciting happens
i have no one to run and tell.

you know i love you dearly
and hate when you are away.
i can't wait until you're home,
now that will be the day!!

i'm sorry that it takes you
being across the globe
for me to let you know
how i appreciate you so.

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