Wednesday, June 12, 2013

deployment: two weeks down!

we have officially completed two weeks of this stinky deployment...20ish to go. wow...

i have to say, i have actually felt really good. i have felt so good, in fact, that i keep waiting on something to go wrong. i keep waiting on myself to have a major meltdown or to sink into depression like i have so many times before.

i miss justin. i miss him every second of every day. everything that happens, my first instinct is to run and tell him; when i realize i can't do that, it definitely is a harsh dose of reality. but my days are so jam packed and just busy that i don't have time to dwell on it; and by the time night rolls around i'm just exhausted and thrilled to finally have some time to myself.

i have also been exercising a lot. i know that exercise helps with depression a lot, at least for me. those endorphins are powerful. plus running just makes me happy :)

i have amazing friends to keep me busy with fun things! i love looking at a calendar filled with fun activities with people i love. my support system here and afar is wonderful. thank you, God.

i knew that the deployment was going to be easier for me than the work ups were. i knew it. i talked about it all the time. i knew deployment would be tough, and it is. but work ups are tougher. work ups SUCK. there's just nothing else to say about them. justin was constantly in and out, in and out, i felt like my head was spinning! impossible to get into a routine, very difficult to find happiness in a cycle like that that's just never ending.

but i know the real reason i am doing so well is due to the prayers--my friends and family who pray them, and my Father who answers them. i also knew going into this that there is no way i will make it through a deployment on my own. it is going to take HIS power, grace, and peace to get me through. he is just so faithful. sometimes i can't believe it, the way he keeps making his presence known in my life. i don't deserve it.

and so, life goes on. i am confident that through this deployment God is going to make me stronger; he is going to make my marriage stronger; he is going to make my relationship with him stronger; he is going to make all of my other relationships stronger.....if i let him :)

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