Wednesday, June 19, 2013

deployment: three weeks down

the last couple of days have just been a little hard. i've been doing this for three weeks now, and i'm feeling tired; irritable; impatient. i'm tired of cleaning up messes, all day long. i'm tired of doing it all, all of the time. i'm just tired...

so tonight i planned to tuck the girls into bed, sit down with a beer, and chill out on the couch in front of the tv.

but i didn't.

i opened up power of a praying wife by stormie omartian and i prayed for my husband. i prayed for myself. i prayed for my kids. and now i feel refreshed.

                                                       (you can buy this book here.)

i read this entire book last year. i really devoted every single day to praying these prayers for justin, numerous times a day. and i cannot tell you what transpired. it was truly a change in my heart towards him. i have always loved my husband; but i didn't realize i was harboring resentment; hurt; frustration; unrealistic expectations towards him. there is just something that happens in your heart when you pray for someone. you feel so connected to them in a new way. i began to see justin not only as my husband but also as my brother in christ; a precious person, unique, an amazing creation; a gift just for me. i began to remove all of those unrealistic expectations and started to accept him for the person that he is; i started to see his amazing qualities more than his setbacks. i forgave him for things he had done years ago that i was holding onto still. because of all this, i was suddenly able to be more patient with him; slower to get angry; i spoke only positively of him to others. i fell more in love with him.

and justin started to change, too. i watched him be more quick to show romantic gestures; he was shown favor in his field of work; he overcame an addiction that i had prayed over. i know it's because of the praying, the trusting god to move.

please, if you do not pray for your husband, start now. please. you will not regret it. as stormie says in her book, prayer is the ultimate love language.

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