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Saturday, June 29, 2013

deployment: one month down!

one month in...it feels like it's gone fast and it feels like it's gone slow. on one hand, i can't believe it's already JULY!! on the other hand, it seems like my sweet husband left us way longer than a month ago. i miss him so much.

we traveled across the country this week. me with two kids. that was interesting. they actually did really great. but still. it went from really annoying to really bad for a few minutes back to really annoying. oh well, we made it.

now that we're here...it feels weird. it feels weird to be here with my family, with justin's family...but no justin. it just doesn't feel right, and it makes me miss him. not to mention just being out of our routine in general. that's hard on the girls, and on me. i guess i'm a routine-oriented individual more than i thought.

but we're a month in. we're making progress! and that's a good thing.

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