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Friday, May 24, 2013

homeschool friday: butterfly edition

avery and i have been having homeschool fridays with a few of her sweet little friends. basically two other mamas and i have collaborated and planned a morning of fun learning together!!

this week the theme was butterflies and their life cycle :)

 one of ave's little friends even had real butterflies!! how perfect! we were able to see the cocoon that they had hatched out of.

 we had some art time. the girls drew and decorated their own butterflies and then made some butterflies out of pipe cleaners

 we also read books about butterflies! this was my favorite part! (i know, i'm a total book nerd). i just LOVE homeschooling because i get to learn WITH avery! so fun!

we also had some math time. we wrote our numbers by two's on the caterpillar's body and then put them in the correct order :) math made simple!

and there you have it! an easy and fun lesson complete with reading, art, science, and math! avery loves our homeschool fridays!

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