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Sunday, May 5, 2013

busy bee!

ok...i know i have been away for a while. life has just been crazy busy!!!

we went on a family mini vacation to vegas, zion national park, and the grand canyon. more on that trip later. it was all fabulous!

i started coaching with beachbody. love it so much already. i am part of an amazing team and am learning so much!! super motivating!

justin got a few extra weeks with us, as his date for deployment got pushed back. i am happy about this!!!

we celebrated brooklynn's birthday this weekend. she doesn't turn one for two weeks, but we scheduled her party early to ensure justin would be here. so glad that he was :)

i took two weeks off from long runs. i feel good, and ready for my 21 miler on saturday...i think.

so for now, deployment has been the last thing on my mind. i think God is providing a ton of distractions for me, which i'm thankful for.

but don't get me wrong...sometimes those thoughts creep up on me. "i can't believe i won't see my husband for six or seven months!" "what in the world will it be like when we see him again?!" "how are the girls going to react to him?!" etc. etc. but tonight i think God opened my eyes a lot... i just had a moment where i know He was speaking straight to my soul. i was thinking about d day, negative thoughts probably, when i heard in my heart "this is going to be an adventure. don't make it a bad thing. i have so much to teach you!" and for a moment, i wasn't scared. i wasn't anxious or fearful. i didn't feel dread. i felt hope. surrenderexcitement, not for deployment itself but for all that God is going to teach me during this time; i know i am going to draw so close to Him. i know it will be TOUGH, but i also know the reward will be so worth it :)

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