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Friday, May 10, 2013

a day for you, Mom

Mother's Day is this weekend, as I'm sure you are all aware. I have been reflecting all week on what it is to be a mother, trying to think of something worthy of a tribute to moms. And I am sitting here at a loss for words. There simply are no words for what we do...

It's the kisses when we have scraped our knee or lost our favorite toy;
It's the hugs when our first boyfriend breaks our heart, or our dog got hit by a car;
It's the preparation of nutritious meals day in and day out that we are ungrateful for and complain about;
It's the patience on her face when we have drawn on her favorite sofa...or the walls;
It's the gentleness in her voice when we have had a scary dream or are feeling a little left out;
It's the length she goes to to make our birthday special, whether we're turning five or 24;
It's the notes she leaves in our lunchbox every day;
It's the occasional treats she buys us at the grocery, even if she doesn't approve of the nutritional content;
It's time spent in the kitchen on favorite holidays so that everyone has a wonderful meal before them;
It's the way she rubs your face when you are feeling ill;
It's the way she combs your hair, ever so gently;
It's the way she reads your favorite stories, over and over;
It's the way she works so hard and never, not once, complains;
It's the way she sacrifices so that you don't have to;
It's the way she sits and plays with you in the floor until her back is breaking;
It's the prayers she whispers over you that you never hear;
It's the effort she makes to ensure your happiness;
It's the chocolate chip pancakes, because she knows they're your favorite;
It's ignoring five phone calls and 30 text messages because she wants you to have her full attention;
It's the way she holds your hand as you cross the street;
It's the things she teaches you, things that are important to her, things she wants to pass on to you;
It's the journals she keeps for you that you haven't read yet;
It's the pictures she is constantly snapping, so that one day you will look back and remember;
It's the way she always puts you before herself;
It's just her way.

There are no words to describe what it is to be a mother, not really. Not until I had my own children did I see the sacrifices my own mom has made over the years. Not until I had my two sweet girls did I have even a slight glimpse of my Father's love for me. There are no words for that, either, only the feeling of an overflowing heart.


  1. Such a small world. My husband, Dave, grew up in Wise with your hubby. He shares the best stories about Tim and his family, and credits their support for his success today.
    We too are military - Dave is in the Army. We have four kids and are currently stationed at Bragg.
    Feel free to stop by my Facebook page that's also a site for my home business, Nomades. I'm sure my hubby would love to catch up with you all.
    Blessings to you!

  2. Wow it is a small world! Thanks for reaching out to me, I will find you on fb! :)