Friday, April 12, 2013

wonder woman

this is a poem that has been sort of going through my mind for a while now; finally one night words kept filling my head so i had to sit down and WRITE! here it is, dedicated to all of the amazing military wives that i am blessed to know

wonder woman

she may not be wonder woman
but she is a woman of wonder
she lives an impossible life
that would drag a lesser one under

she may not possess superhuman strength
but she has a will of stone
agility or endurance she has
she's a pro at being on her own

she often assumes the challenging role
of playing both mom and dad
her husband often called to duty
she knows what it is to be sad

she also knows what it's like
to feel a love that never ends
a love that circles 'round the globe
and strengthens as it bends

she knows the feeling of exhaustion
that consumes both body and mind
the worry that's etched upon her face
a hint of all she's left behind

she cannot soar through the air
but a letter gives her heart wings
a phone call, an email, a note rediscovered
she treasures the simplest things

no, she may not be wonder woman
but a woman of wonder for sure
she possesses noble character, patriotic pride
a resiliency and a love that's so pure

she is a military wife
a wonder woman in her own right
making sacrifices aplenty
so you can sleep safely at night

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