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Thursday, April 4, 2013

stroller running tips

having run with a jogging stroller myself for the last three years or so, i figure i have a little knowledge to offer on the subject. so if you're curious about stroller running, i'll be happy to post what works for me. if not, this may not be the post for you :)

tip #1) be flexible. this is, in my opinion, the single most important rule of stroller running. any time you bring a baby or young child into the equation, you are bound to have some unexpected situations occur. the baby may take too long of a nap for you to be able to fit in the miles you wanted, or you may have to head back early for a fresh diaper or food, or maybe someone is just feeling grumpy and tired of sitting still. that's why it is important to maintain an attitude of flexibility. this one can be hard, because any time you go out for a run you want to be mentally prepared and dedicated to finishing your run. but when you are bringing your kids with you, it's good to remind yourself that anything can happen and if you don't get to finish your run, it's no big deal. you can try again another day. this attitude takes practice. running is more mental than physical, so as you punch in those miles you are also making yourself more mentally resilient.

tip #2) bring plenty of snacks and entertainment. this is a big one. i rarely leave for a stroller run without snacks or toys for my littles. keeps them entertained and happy, and happy kids make for a pleasant run :)

tip #3) bribery is entirely acceptable. there have definitely been times where i've promised avery a trip to the park if she was patient during our run together. always does the trick ;)

tip #4) be patient with yourself. stroller running is a lot different than non-stroller running. take walk breaks if you need to, intervals are a good way to start out. and it is never a bad idea to split your long run into two shorter runs if you feel your kids won't last through one long one (or maybe you think you won't last). give yourself some grace and remember that if you're pushing a stroller, you're a badass and you're working harder than those who are not.

tip #5) don't focus on how hard stroller running is. sure it sucks sometimes (especially when you're running against a strong headwind; now that is challenging). there are times you will feel frustrated or discouraged. that's ok. just try to focus on the bigger picture: stroller running is hard, but it is making you into a better, stronger runner, and that's a good thing. those strong winds you're fighting against may make you mad, but look at it as an extra challenge; just something else that is working to make you stronger and better!

so there you have it! i hope this helps some you find the joy of running  :)

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