Wednesday, April 17, 2013


i think at this point it's no secret that i love to run. i ran my first half marathon last fall (on my birthday!), and that only fueled the fire...i wanted more. and so, now i am training for my first full marathon.

running is something i can do that clears my head. this crazy military lifestyle can put a lot of stress and worry on a woman, running helps me cope with that. it is a time for me to pray; a time for me to think; or sometimes a time for me not to think. it is something i can do at my own pace, to fit into my own schedule; i can take the kids with me, or i can leave them at home and take a much needed break from being mom.

when justin is gone, running is a way for me to feel connected to him. i know that he is pushing his body and working hard; it makes me want to run even harder. i feel close to him when i run.

i love running. i love the feeling of my hair blowing behind me; i love the feeling of the wind in my face; i love how strong my legs feel underneath me; i love feeling my heart beat steady in my chest. i love pushing my body until it hurts, of going longer or faster than i think i can go. i love the way my body aches after a long run, because that means i have done the best i could do. that pain is where the changes happen, physically and mentally. and speaking of mentally...

running has made me such a strong person mentally. the more i run, the more i love to run, and i think that is only because i have developed my mind as much as my body. just as your muscles and the fibers in your body must adapt and grow in strength, so must your mind also grow stronger. it's not easy to push through 15 or 17 miles of steady motion. it takes determination, perseverance, grit. it takes practice to be able to do that. running is just as much mental as it is physical, maybe even more mental i would argue.

i have been reading the book born to run (an excellent read!!), and in said book there is a statement about a connection between a love of life and a love of running. are people more likely to love running if they truly love life? perhaps. running has taught me many life lessons, i look forward to the lessons and miles to come. thank you, God, for enabling me to run!!

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