Tuesday, March 5, 2013

husband and wife

husband and wife. such beautiful words. marriage. love. trust. unity. eternity. god has designed marriage to be such an amazing part of life, a testament to god's love for us.

i find so much joy and fulfillment in being a wife. i love taking care of my husband (most of the time haha!). i love talking with him and learning about him. i love sharing our fears, dreams, goals with one another. i cherish heartfelt conversations with the man god has given me. the love, friendship, and devotion that we share is just so special and priceless. i know that i can come to him in all my mess and he will love me just the same. i can be myself when i am with him. he is my comfort zone, my home.

being a wife is about caring, encouraging, nurturing. it's praying for your spouse, even when you don't want to. being married is not always fun; when there are dirty socks on the floor, or a fight that just won't be resolved. and it's not always easy to submit to your husband, but it's what god calls us to do. and if i obey him and have a submissive heart toward my husband, then i know that my marriage will be blessed.

serving your husband doesn't always have to be a big deal. it's about realizing what matters to them and acting on it. for example, i am not really good at showing lots of mushy emotion. but justin enjoys being greeted after a long day at work with hugs and kisses. he likes it to be a big deal, i can tell. and so i always try to step out of my comfort zone to give him that, so that he feels loved. just like i serve his plate first, put his laundry away when i don't feel like it, give him the biggest, least burnt piece of chicken. those are all small ways that i show justin i love him, he's most important in my life.

i just want to encourage you ladies to pay extra attention to what makes your husbands feel loved, and then act on them. when you feel like it, when you don't. just do it. you won't regret it i promise :)

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