Friday, February 22, 2013

life these days...

we had a lovely four day weekend with justin that involved lots of sunshine, the pool, a trip to the beach, and a valentine's day 10k on sunday...our first race as a family of four. we ran a 5k when avery was two, she still talks about it. i think we have ourselves a family tradition...a race every year!

tuesday it was back to the grind. the lazy bug has bitten me and ave this week. well i say lazy, but really we have been rather just hasn't involved leaving the house. we have done lots of homeschooling and coloring this week; put together puzzles, played board games, and we have been really into our dress up clothes. so much fun having little girls :)

justin leaves again in a few days, only for about a week this time. i am just feeling so burnt out... tired. irritable. i need a vacation. by myself... really looking forward to visiting my family this summer for a while and getting a break from life!

and then i'm not looking forward to it...because that means justin will be gone. ick. i am a big cry baby these days. anything related to daddies with their kids, or military, or deployment makes me cry. we had some books from the library about a military family whose dad was deployed...yeah, i almost started crying while i read it to avery. i hate it.

and in running news, marathon training is going well and despite my sleep deprivation (thanks to a teething baby) and horrific cold that lasted forever, i am able to stay on track so far! i feel really motivated; having a partner for those long runs really helps to keep me motivated and accountable! my goal is to run two full marathons this year. we'll see how it goes :)

so that's life these days. enjoying the time we have with justin, trying not to wish away the time while he's gone. it's a hard life, but somebody's got to do it...

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