Friday, February 8, 2013

head cold

you know, all too often i forget how blessed i am in life. i have been trying to fight off a terrible head cold for three weeks and counting; it has made me feel terrible and exhausted, which is no good when you're trying to take care of two kids alone and train for a marathon. i have felt frustrated and mad, because i just want to feel better already!

then a few mornings ago i found myself praying a prayer out of my frustration: "God, why haven't you made me better yet?! i know you can, so why haven't you? don't you care how much i have to do? don't you know that i am taking care of these girls all by myself, and they need their mom to feel good? i need to feel better, now!"

spoiled brat.

who am i, to expect to be healthy all the time? who am i to demand that God make me feel better right away, because i'm too good or too busy to be sick? i stopped myself and realized that i was having a terrible attitude. i asked God to change it, then i started thanking him that it was only a cold i was suffering from. i started thinking about those who have a chronic illness and i felt so thankful. God graciously gave me an entirely new perspective, and although i am still battling this annoying cold, i am able to do so with grace and thankfulness.

a head cold certainly is annoying. but i'm thankful that it's not the end of the world. i think i'll live ;)

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