Sunday, February 10, 2013

deployment: a poem for my girls

The poem below is one I've been trying not to write. I've been trying so hard not to think about deployment. But the words to this poem just kept tossing themselves around my brain, like waves crashing on the shore. I had to get them out before I lost them. The beginning of this poem just poured out of my heart; the second half was harder to write, as I began thinking about deployment and all the things that we will miss about Justin being home. I cried as I wrote, I tear up when I read it and allow myself to think about how difficult all of this is going to be.. This is a poem I wrote for my sweet girls, particularly Avery, and for all of the military kids out there. The family serves too, never forget that.


stop your playing and come here
i've got something to say, my dear

daddy will be gone a while
i know you'll miss him and his smile

and he'll be sure to miss us, too
i know he'll be thinking of you

and wishing he could kiss your face
and wrap you in a warm embrace

when daddy leaves i know you're sad
please know, that is not wrong or bad

of course you miss him, that's okay
i know you wish that he could stay

now the time's here for him to go
but there's something he wants you to know

he doesn't want to leave you
he's going because he has to

you're his very favorite girl
he loves you more than the whole world

we'll miss his manly voice
but know, he has no choice

he's going so we will stay safe
your daddy is so very brave

so you should be proud of him
and his brothers, too, be proud of them

you'll miss daddy tucking you in bed
you'll miss the stories his voice has read

you'll miss wrestling and playing rough
please tell me when you've had enough

and we'll stop and say a prayer
for god to be here, and to be with daddy there

i'm here for you, i love you, too
and i'll be missing dad with you

but it's alright, we'll be okay i know
because, you see, god told me so

we'll have our own adventures and fun
lots of girls nights and play in the sun

and we'll send daddy gifts and notes
he'll be excited to see all you wrote

although daddy won't be here
you do not have a thing to fear

god will be with our daddy, you know
he's always with us, wherever we go

we'll miss him at the table
when we sit down to eat
and so we'll say a little prayer 
over daddy's empty seat

we'll miss him coming home each day
to give us kisses and hugs
we'll miss him taking us to dinner
and squishing all the bugs

i know you'll miss going on dates
with your one and only dad
i know he is the best friend
that you ever had

i know you'll miss him helping you
practice on your bike
and taking you for ice cream
you are so much alike

and when you miss him an extra lot
just look up at the moon
know he sees the same one too
and that he'll be home soon

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