Friday, February 1, 2013

date night

justin and i went on a date tonight. i needed it, needed it so much. i needed to dress up and feel pretty. i needed to wear something other than flip flops or tennis shoes. i needed to be anna, the woman, the wife...i needed a break from being mom. i needed a night out without having to worry about nursing covers, high chairs, or begging avery to eat her dinner. i needed to connect with my husband. i needed to look into his eyes and have an adult conversation without little voices interrupting. i needed quality time with the man i love.

i love being a mom, don't get me wrong. there is nothing else i'd rather do. but i need a break from time to time. and that's normal, that's ok. it's good to take breaks, it's great to spend time alone with your husband. it's necessary.

so tonight we tucked the girls in, said sayonara to the babysitter, and took off. we took a water taxi across the bay to downtown san diego for dinner at a fancy steak house where we would never take the kids. we enjoyed a few drinks, a delicious meal, and spectacular creme brulee for desert. it was wonderful. i felt like i got to connect with my husband, and i needed that. i think sometimes it's good to reminisce about the days before you knew one another, about the beginning of your relationship. it reminds you why you love each other so much and how blessed you are to have found one another. brings a little spark back into your relationship. we talked about all things past, present, and future. i didn't get bored for one second. my husband still makes me laugh as much as he ever did. i enjoy his company above anyone else's. i love him. i just love him, more all the time.

the only thing that wasn't perfect about the night is the fact that i know when i wake up tomorrow morning, he will be long gone for his next training trip. this makes me sad. i miss him already and he hasn't even left yet. when you love someone so much, being apart from them almost causes you physical pain..

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