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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


2013 goals:

get savings account UP

run at least one full marathon

grow closer to God; make time for Him every single day

get more creative in the kitchen

show deliberate acts of service (soup kitchen, homeless, etc.)

start care package ministry

send cards to every family member on their birthday

learn to sew

more devotions as a family

spend more time in prayer

go on at least one adventure

try to complain less

a new year. a clean slate. an empty page, like the one i'm staring at now. what will you choose to do with this new year? will you continue living the way you have been? or will you make changes? maybe pursue that education you've been putting off, or start eating healthier, or maybe save some money? will you better yourself in any way this year? will you ask God how you can serve him this year? it easy to set goals and not follow through. i am guilty. that's why usually i don't even bother. but this year i feel like God has laid some things on my heart. i don't want to stay in the same place that i am in now. i want to grow. i want to become wiser, stronger, better. i know i can't do that on my own. i know that i need God's help. i'm so glad that he's waiting here to help me; all i need do is ask.

i'd encourage you all to pray about what goals God would have you set for this year. ask him to lay them on your heart then pray he'll give you the strength and determination to follow through. you plus God equals an unstoppable team :)

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