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Thursday, January 24, 2013

perfect mother

i think the area in my life where i'm the hardest on myself is being a mother. i realize that it is such an important and precious job, and i just don't want to mess it up. i don't want to screw up my kids, or not teach them all they need to know, or not spend enough time making them feel loved. i am always trying to become a better, more attentive and patient mother. i'm always trying to come up with ways to make my girls feel loved.

i recently bought a little mail box for avery's room (from target), to leave her notes and treats in. she knows that if the flag is up, there is something special waiting inside for her. it's so fun for her, to get small surprises for no apparent reason; but it's also fun for me, seeing her face light up and knowing that in that moment she feels loved.

in the pinterest era that we now live it, it's easy to feel like you don't measure up. i definitely don't have the time or energy, or know-how, to make disney-shaped pancakes for breakfast every morning, or make puff pastries from scratch, or create a work of art from water bottles. however, i can do a pretty mean french braid, and i let avery pick out her own clothes. that counts for something right? we share a love of books, and puzzles, and playing board games. my pancakes may not look like mickey mouse or donald duck, but avery sure enjoys helping me stir in the chocolate chips.

the point is, i don't have to be a perfect mom. avery is not going to remember the fancy meals i didn't make or the homemade soaps and play doh we didn't have. she is going to remember the moments that i made her feel loved. the quality time. the reading picnics and the breakfast making. i don't have to be the world's most perfect mom, because i'm already the perfect mom for my girls. and that's enough.

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