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Saturday, January 5, 2013

natural beauty

i once asked one of my old boyfriends how he liked my hair best, curly or straight. when he replied with "straight," i knew right away that it wasn't going to work out. true story.

i am a really low maintenance kind of person, a fact that one of my sisters has pointed out to me over the years. i like to look nice, i do. i love clothes and shoes. really i just hate the effort it takes, and it does take a lotttt of effort. and, i just feel like i don't know how to dress sometimes. i don't know how to accessorize. i don't really even know how to put on make up. and i definitely do not know how to fix this thick, wavy, impossible mane of hair that God has given me to work with. but even more than that, i don't like taking the time to get all dolled up. it takes too long. and i have things to do, like take care of two kids and run a household. 

however, recently i have really tried to make an effort to look nice. well, probably the last year or so. i just want my husband to be attracted to me; i refuse to be one of those wives who gets too comfortable and lets herself go. i won't be that woman. i will try to fix myself up at least for him. so as of late i've made an effort to never, never leave the house in sweats (unless i'm going for a run; in which case i wear cute running shorts, not grungy sweat pants). i always put on at least a little make up, and try to do something with my hair...even if it usually is just a bun on top of my head (so thankful those are in style now!!).

but i have to be thankful that my husband likes the way that i look. he likes me even when i'm not all gussied up; in fact, he prefers it. just this morning i was rocking brooklynn with my pj's on, hair in a pony, and no make up whatsoever, when my sweet husband looked at me and said "you look so beautiful right now." i responded with a dumbfounded "what?!" and he said "this is how i like you best, when you're all granola." (fyi: when he says granola, he means natural. ha). that right there just made my day. he likes me without make up, first thing in the morning. when he says things like that, i know we're meant to be soul mates :) 

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