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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

life these days

today was a good day. i'm still trying to figure out things with two kids; avery hasn't taken a nap in years, so planning around naptime can be tricky. i forgot what that was like. i'm trying to use brooklynn's nap time as mommy-avery time. usually we do some school, then just play together. today we built a blanket fort and used that as our classroom :) avery enjoyed that.

things are changing around here. we have been bad about eating at the table because our apartment is so small, i'm always piling our table with stuff. and i don't like sitting at tables. i find it really uncomfortable. but now that brooklynn is mobile, we are being forced to eat at the table like normal people. i must say i am enjoying it more than i thought. it gives us time to be together and talk. justin has been home in the mornings all week, so we've been having big breakfasts and doing a family devotion together. treasured times that make my heart happy. also, brooklynn's mobility is making it hard for avery. brooklynn is now able to get into EVERYTHING. avery's dollhouse is a popular target for her. all playdoh must be played with at the table. paints, markers, must all be used at the table. this girl is changing things at the mcafee household ha.

brooklynn is eating solids now. it's a bittersweet moment. who knew.

i'm doing a forty day fast along with our church. don't worry, i'm not fasting all food. i don't have the willpower or self control for that. i have been off coffee for three weeks almost, and this week i took out sweets (until valentine's day; i definitely plan on eating a box of chocolates). i have taken out alcohol for the most part too. this has been so hard for me! coffee, sweets, and alcohol are all of my favorite vices. but i feel it's important to take a break from all that because 1)my body needs a break and 2)i need to rely on God, not a beer or a cup of coffee, to get me through my day.

marathon training began this week, too. i'm excited about my first marathon, mostly because my sister will be running it with me (yay!). but also because i like to have goals, things to work toward. it motivates me and gives me that extra push out the door. i've been doing a little more speed work. my pace has come down a lot since i started running postpartum. i started out with about an 11 minute pace. now i'm down to about 9'25". 10'30" if i have the stroller.

justin's trip got moved up a day. disappointments like this are oh so common in military life, but they still get to me every single time. i just can't stand the fluidity of this lifestyle, plans always being broken, schedules always changing on a whim. i know that God is trying to teach me several things: how to be flexible, how to take one day at a time, how to place my future and my family's future in his hands, how to not let circumstances dictate how i feel. all lessons that i am being taught. i am catching on slowlyyyy. at least i think i am...

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