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Sunday, January 20, 2013

girls night!

well my focus on this post is avery. this year things have changed for her in huge ways.

*she had a birthday and turned four. she is thinking and acting more on her own. her moods and attitudes are changing i can tell.

*she got a little sister. for three and a half years it was just me and ave; most of the time justin wasn't even around. we were thick as thieves, together 24/7. we still are together 24/7, except now there is another little person begging for my attention. avery loves her sister so much, but i know it has been a big adjustment for her.

*justin has been leaving. a lot. for over a year he was home so much with us. i think that was long enough for avery, and even myself, to forget what it was like to have to say goodbye to him. now that he's in and out all the time, we are being thrown back into the emotional roller coaster that is military life. she grew so close to him while he was home every day with us. i was sick and pregnant and exhausted, then i had a new baby and was still exhausted...they spent a lot of time together. they really bonded and built a firm relationship for the first time. i am so thankful for this. justin is an excellent, patient, attentive, sweet father. avery just soaks up his love and attention. she adores him. however, this presents somewhat of a problem.. now that she's closer to him, it makes it harder on her when he has to leave. this trip he's on now has been the hardest yet i think. she asks about him and talks about him constantly. it breaks my heart. it blesses my heart. all at the same time. i'm glad they're close; i just wish he was here.

i always knew military life would become more difficult as she got older. i was right.

so that said, i figure she needs a little extra attention. the fact that she has been climbing into brooklynn's baby bed and using baby talk probably confirms that. she's begging for more attention. it's just so hard for me to give it to her. but tonight i figured i'd put brooklynn to bed and treat avery to a girls night. she was excited about it all day...

we popped in a movie, decorated cookies, and painted our nails. she painted her own toes and wow...i was really impressed. she stayed completely in the lines. she does better than i do ha. it was nice just seeing her so happy, and being with her, present in the moment with no baby distracting me. it felt good to pour love into her little heart and make her feel special. i love that little lady, oh so much.

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